About Us

Established since the 80s, Guitar Workshop is widely known as the first 'down-to-earth' music store, which has consistently served the local and regional music community at a personal level. Led by an all-time veteran guitarist, Mr Francis Poh, renowned for his stint in well-acclaimed jazz fusion band Heritage, Guitar Workshop seeks precision in its craftsmanship and excellence for its services. From humble beginnings, driven solely by passion and dedication, Mr Francis Poh has gone beyond serving just musicians, to raising several luthiers and craftsman on his own.


Today, Guitar Workshop believes that each musician deserves a quality instrument, and seeks to do so by offering quality, customizable and fully interactive experiences for each individual. Each instrument is carefully sourced and chosen by Mr Francis Poh himself, where it is professionally set-up through Guitar Workshop's proprietary set-up process. Beyond these, we offer personal consultations freely, where instrument diagnosis, sound projects and even custom jobs can be catered to.


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