Video Review of HM set Pickup

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Video Review of HM set Pickup

Video review of our Stratocaster HM Set.

Video review by various Singaporean musicians playing different genres. 
We have successfully created a hybrid between Hank Marvin's 34346 and his 1961 stratocaster.
The sound is now somewhere in between.
After comparing with countless recordings of Wonderful Land versions on youtube - our HM is
still the closest sounding to the original 1962 EP (properly recorded) version - which was recorded with the 34346 stratocaster. The Shadows have recorded the same song with different
guitars over the years. None of the other recordings played by Hank Marvin sound like the original.
We have managed to produce the sound with just reverb - no echo.

Pickup Specs:
1. Alnico 5 magnets with special stagger for compound radius
2. 42 AWG heavy formwar wire
3. Scattered hand wound set in fibre flatwork

Guitar used is a custom stratocaster. 
Basic specs are:
Swamp Ash body
Birdseye maple neck
Original Fender Tremolo
0.010-0.046 Olympia coated strings
Wiring is a custom wiring

For more information regarding the HM Set (HM01, HM01 &HM03) and other custom pickups, contact us now at GWINTSingapore@gmail.com


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