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What makes Guitarworkshop Master Built guitars Unique.


Guitar bodies and necks

Our Bodies and Necks are specially selected depending on desired vintage and type.

Requires skill and knowledge for the right selection..


Points to note

1. An expensive body or neck is not necessary better - it can be bad.

2. Selecting based on wood type is not enough - there are lots of variation between different pieces of wood of the same type.

3. Selecting the correct wood grain is important.

4. One piece body or neck does not necessary mean a better sound- it can be bad.

5. The color of the wood not only impacts the guitar aesthetically, but sonorously.

6. Prior knowledge of the wood type and tree is needed; wood from different parts of the tree affects tone.

7. Body weight - lighter or heavier alone does not mean better.

8. Look out for flaws in the joints of the bodies and necks.

9. Understanding the various neck profiles available.

10. Understanding the different ways of neck construction.


Hand wound vintage pickups

The vintage pickup sets used in Guitarworkshop Master Built guitars are specially designed

for each guitar and hence, are ONLY available at Guitarworkshop.


Guitar wiring

Guitarworkshop Master Built guitars have specially designed wiring circuitry

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