Carvin LB70 Custom Left-Handed Bass (Made in USA) (Used)

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• Good condition 9/10

• Small dents around horns

• Chip at headstock and input jack area
• This bass has been customed spec’d to include a painted matching headstock, black hardware, and the HB2 Bridge Humbucker with coil splitting.


Carvin builds the LB70 active bass to the highest possible standards with features found only on high end basses. Neck through body construction, 24 frets, ebony fingerboard and J99 pickups are all standard. Jazz Bass lovers will dig the LB70. It has good growl and a nice slap tone with both pickups on. Sparkly solo sounds, in-your-face mid range growl, and dub rumble from its electronics. Passive mode includes pull-up master volume, & pickup blend control. Active mode includes master volume, pickup blend control, active cut & boost controls for bass, treble & midrange. Overall the LB70 bas a rich balanced sound that pleased players of all styles.


• Maple neck-thru Alder wings

• Smooth neck to heel construction

• 1.60” width at nut

• 2.42" width at 24th fret

• J99 single coil pickup
• Ebony fingerboard

• Graphite nut

• String-thru body

• Hipshot bridge

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