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The FX22 is a new approach to the old stand by vibrato effect. By combining the conventional vibrato with a rotary speaker effect, and then adding phasing capabilities, we have come up with a new generation of modulation effects. Once you hear it, we’re certain that you’ll love it.


The DOD FX22 VibroThang Pedal takes a sweet-sounding vibrato, adds a selectable amount of independent phasing and a dash of regeneration, and gives you those crazy VibroThang effects. Plus, the phasing adds a Leslie-sounding color to your guitar's sound. This DOD effects pedal is great for rockabilly, country, or classic rock. The FX22 Vibro-Thang is a specially-designed vibrato that has special phasing circuitry. This special phasing circuitry adds dimension and color much like a rotary speaker. The Vibro-Thang, can give you tones from honkey-tonk, rock-a-billy, to guitar sound that is produced in Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter".

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