Alpha Omega Tube 10

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Input Jack:1/4" Jack for Instrument connection

Gain:this adjusts the degree of distortion.Cleaner sounds is achieved at a lower gain setting.Higher gain setting will produce more distortion and sustain.

Volume:adjust the overall level or volume of the amplifier.

Treble:controls the boost and cut of the upper frequencies the treble control will make the sound brighter.

Bass:Controls the boost and cut of the low frequencies

Power indicator:indicates that the unit is on and recieving power

Power switch:toggle this switch to turn on the amplifier



EXT-SPKR:Using a standard?speaker cable,you may connect another speaker here, THe speaker should be rated at 8 OHMS

Voltage selector:switchable 120/240 voltage selector

Power Supply


output power:10watts


Dimentions:360(w) x 200(d) x 305(H)mm

Power consumption:40watts

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