Carvin vintage tube Belair 212 (USED)

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This a 50 watt tube amp with clean and overdrive channels. Mine has two Carvin designed Vintage sound 12 inch speakers but Carvin now ships these with Celestion Vintage 30. It has channel switching and long-tail reverb. The reverb is not very strong but noticable when you turn it off. I believe this amp was made in 1995 or 1996. It's great for what I play: classic rock, blues and heavy rock. The overdrive won't handle heavily distorted sounds, but a cheap pedal can easily fix that.

This amp, is a Vintage designed amp so metal and anything distorting your tone beyond something recognizable is not going to work. But as I said a cheap distortion pedal on the clean channel will fix that. Also, if you're wondering if it's loud enough, rest assured. This amp can crank. Perfect for jamming and small gigs. If it was lost I would buy another one and if it was stolen blood would be spilled. I do wish mine had the celestion Vintage 30 as opposed to Carvin's speakers. I love this amp.

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