PRS 2-Channel "H" Tube Guitar Amplifier

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Paul Reed Smith first emerged as a force among guitar makers in the 1980s by meeting the needs of working musicians who demanded high-quality instruments. PRS guitars offered unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, beautiful design, and many refinements. But what really made them popular was their versatility and utility.

PRS may be relatively new to the amplifier game, but judging from the 2-Channel "H" model I recently tested, that same combination of common sense and innovation has made it from the fretboard to the circuit board. The "H" is the first PRS amp to feature two channels. They're named Lead and Clean respectively, but I think that's a little misleading: While they do exhibit very different personalities, they both can grunt, sing, or sparkle depending on how you set their knobs and how you play your instrument. Each channel has an identical set of controls: knobs for Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Master, as well as a Bright switch. Only the Reverb knob does double-duty.

On many channel-switching amps, there's a "good" channel and then "another" channel. Not here: Each channel would make a fine and fully complete amplifier by itself. And whether you're using the front-panel toggle or the included footswitch, channel changes come without so much as the slightest pop or lag.

Comes together with the foot switch.

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