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The MPA Professional Audio Amplifier Series is specifically matched to the characteristics of JBL speakers.

  • They deliver a wide range of output power to accommodate even JBL's most powerful transducers.
  • They exhibit good peak power capability and excellent dynamic headroom to accurately reproduce musical transients.
  • Each amplifier includes a protective output limiter to protect both the amplifier and the loudspeaker form excessive power.
  • The limiting action curve is perfectly matched to JBL transducers taking full advantage of their low power compression characteristics.
  • The action of the limiter does not "rob" the system of acoustic power since the total output of a heavily distorted amplifier is the same as the "limited" MPA amplifier, but with extremely clean, non-distorted sound.
  • Open Input Architecture™: JBL systems philosophy also extends to the input stage of the amplifier. Flexible input cards allow these amplifiers to be tailored to a variety of applications, and configurations can be changed easily as new situations arise.


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