SWR Strawberry Blonde™ II Acoustic Amplifier (Used)

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The Strawberry Blonde is the amplifier of choice for acoustic instrumentalists seeking a clean, true, full-range amplifier for their guitars, mandolins, violins, violas, cellos, autoharps, bouzoukis, lutes, dulcimers, banhus - anything acoustic that needs to be louder on occasion. The new Strawberry Blonde II remains faithful to the popular feature set and tone of the original while adding some new features to bring it up to date: a tuning mute switch, new 1/4" balanced input and an upgraded power amp for more headroom and efficiency.


• 90 watts

• 1x10 enclosure w/ tweeter

• Classic SWR acoustic preamp w/ Aural Enhancer™

• 3-band active EQ & phase reverse switch

• Spring reverb

• Headphone jack

• Side-chain effects loop

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