Hiwatt Maxwatt G100 112R Guitar Amplifier (Used)

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• Overall Condition 8.5/10
• Original footswitch included
• Fitted with Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang™ cone


Founded in 1963 by Sound City engineer Dave Reeves, Hiwatt was one of the seminal British amp companies of the 60s and '70s. The Maxwatt G100r is a 1x12 solid state combo amp featuring separate three-band EQs for both the clean and overdrive channels.



* 100 Watts 8ohm (120 into 4ohm)

* High Input Jacks

* 2 Channel - Clean & Overdrive (Foot Switchable)

* Two Gain Stages on Overdrive Channel

* One Gain Stage on Clean Channel

* 3 Band EQ Bass, Middle & Treble

* Contour Control on Overdrive Channel

* Reverb (Foot Switchable)

* Effects Send Return with Level Control

* Ext Speaker Output

* Line Out

* Headphone Jack

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