Musicman 115RH Sixty Five Tube Head & Cabinet (Used)

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The advent of electronic music continues to attract the attention of those professionals who set the pace in new musical trends. Electronic synthesizers, amplification and octave swtiching of many brass and reed instruments, a myriad of sound modification devices such as fuzzers, phasers, pitch changers, delay lines, etc., tell us every day that the era of change in modern music is not over, indeed that it may be just beginning. No matter what your instrument, or which of the many new sounds you employ in your own personal brand of music,one thing is certain: The sound of your amplifier is the sound that your peers and your audience will hear. As a musician you appreciate the importance of a high quality instrument. As one Music Man to another, we know that you will appreciate the sound of the Series Sixty-five amplifiers.

Amp Head Description:

The Musicman 115RH Sixty Five is a two channel amplifier that is suitable for electric bass, organ, piano,and other general purpose applications. Each channel features two inputs, volume, treble, and bass controls. The number two channel includes tremolo, reverb, and middle controls. A dual foot switch is included for remote control of these functions. The amplifier also includes a deep switch and a master gain control that operate on both channels. Each channel has unusually high sensitivity that is useful in increasing distortion and sustain. Two output jacks are included and an impedance switch allows operation with either four or eight ohm loads. More than 100 watts of square wave distortion power are available, or 65 watts of R.M.S. power where operated from specified power sources.


Amp Head Features:

• An integrated circuit pre-amplifier using advanced computer type operational amplifiers in the tone control circuits.

• A high energy, super high voltage vacuum tube power amplifier which develops 50% more power than commonly used 6L6 types.

• A power reduction switch allows the power tubes to be driven into distortion. Ordinary amplifiers merely overload the input stages and fail to take advantage of the distortion capabilities of the power tubes. The result is a more pleasing distortion, longer sustain, and a reduction of voicecoil current to prolong speaker life.

• A newly designed reverb circuit whih provides additional drive at low and medium volume levels. Response is contoured to capture the sparkle and shimmer which adds life and accent to even the most delicate musical passages.

• An unusual phase reversing tremolo circuit simulates the Doppler effect of a rotatìng speaker. It is a moving, spaced out sound that can add new dimension to your music.

• Speaker designs have carefully optimized the magnetic energy to that of the amplifier output energy, assuring that every available watt is put to maximum use.


Cabinet Description:

• 15” speaker with 2 1/2” aluminium voice coil, 28oz. Alnico V magnet.

• 65 watt RMS power rating

• Impedance: 8 ohms

• Lockjointed cabinet of Ponderosa pine for additional strength and light weight

• Special handles attached with 4 No.10 screws to prevent twisting

• Large oversized glides are case hardened to prevent wear

• Baffle board made of marine plywood

• Custom woven grill cloth for improved sound transparency

• Excellent response for bass or guitar

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